The brake systems Spanish company and world leader of hydraulic hoses continues holding the hand -for one more year- of Kawasaki and the first ever women to win a race in a World Championship.

After make her debut last year in the Superbike World Championship with ETG –supported team by J.Juan-, the Spanish rider is performing this 2018 an impeccable season in World SuperSport 300, category in which nowadays she is the leader with sixteen points of advantage.

In the third race of the year –in Italy, Carrasco achieved the victory, repeating the success two weeks later in England, where she won 25 more points. However, this was not her debut on the podium. Kawasaki’s rider went up to the first position last year, when she made history being the first women ever to win a race in a World Championship.

Last season with ETG and now competing with David Salom’s Junior Team, Ana Carrasco has one more year J.Juan’s support, company that is very proud to make last its relation with a talented and hard-worker rider who –for sure- is going to keep making history with all her exits.