J.Juan launches his new electronic division: J.Juan Electronics

J.Juan launches his new electronic division: J.Juan Electronics

Milan, 8th November. – J.Juan presents its new Electronics Division during its Press Conference at EICMA 2017.

Another year of growth, another challenge for the Gavà-based company. This new division has been launched in response to manufacturers’ requirements for electronic data on their motorcycles, and J.Juan wants to provide a reliable response to those needs.

J.Juan Electronics has been called on to provide J.Juan customers with a significant tool in the fields of connectivity, human-machine interface, smart displays and mechatronic projects based on the wide range of embedded platforms already available.


Last spring, J.Juan acquired Fides, a company with more than 30 years’ experience. It is very active in innovative electronic design, with a structure of highly qualified staff, integrating development and manufacturing of software and hardware in different sectors: health diagnosis, home appliances and mobility (high-level electric motorcycle controller).  Fides has a turnover of 4,5 million euros per year.


A wish come true

For quite some time now, J.Juan has been proactively developing projects with a great electronics company, Guilera, SA, a well-known global player in electronics for the automotive and two-wheeler industry.

To consistently pursue the ambitious growth challenges established in our strategic plan for the forthcoming years, J.Juan has decided to strengthen even more, if possible, this collaboration: to that end, before last summer, the Gavà-based company acquired Fides.

The new Electronic Division of J.Juan Group will boost the collaborative relationship with Guilera in the field of the Power Electronic Control Units for the electric bike market, improving performance and efficiency.


“J.Juan brakes let me push 100% because I know they would never let me down”

“J.Juan brakes let me push 100% because I know they would never let me down”

The first ever rider to win three World Superbike titles in a row. One more and he will achieve Fogarty’s record. He’s near to be the greatest guy in SBK. Jonathan Rea is always synonym of exit.


1. Congratulations for the title, Jonathan! An historic one. You are the first ever rider to win three World SBK titles in a row. Does it mean it special?

I think the most special is always the first one, but this one was nice because we had some problems but generally during the year everything works really smooth. A part of Donington, where I had a tyre problem, I think everything has gone super well this year, always being on the podium… so, we really have make a good season.

2. So if you have to choose one as the more special title, will you choose the first one?

The first one title was more special for me, but this year I have more fun in the races and with the team. I have been more confident, strong and dominant. In 2015 maybe I won the race but perfectly could be another one. This year I have been stronger. On the other side, last year was the most difficult to win… without doubts, 2016 was the most challenging season.

3. Sometime seems like you have no rival. How do you keep motivated?

Winning. The first championship was special because it was my first win with Kawasaki. So this was my motivation: to win with this bike. The following year we use a different bike, so motivation comes to develop and try to win back to back. And finally, this year I feel more in my own brain, so motivation comes from this feeling of getting bigger than my rivals.

4. And for the next year, is it your goal to achieve Fogarty titles?

My goal is always to win, so could be nice to be the guy who is the most successful. Anyway I don’t think about records or statistics… It’s all about to win. But of course, if it happens would be incredible. Fogarty is the greatest rider in SBK so it could be super nice.

5. Did you think anytime to move to another championship? Your name sounds this year in MotoGP…

Of course was my dream when I was younger to go to MotoGP, but during my years with Honda I was disappointed when I had not the opportunity. That was my time, but who knows about the future… I have no idea. Now, I will be with Kawasaki for 2018 and for 2019 anything it’s possible, so we will see.

6. Finally, you use J.Juan product in your bike like other non-stop winning riders as Toni Bou. What do you think about the product?

It’s easy to explain, brakes are one of the most important factors in the racing together with open the throttle. If you have some problem with these, you have a big problem. So I have confidence with J.Juan product because these brakes let me push 100% on the limit because I know they would never let me down. So it’s a confidence thing.

KTM awards J.Juan with its Quality trophy

KTM awards J.Juan with its Quality trophy

The Austrian brand of mythic bikes just awards J.Juan to recognize its high quality level as an OEM’s supplier. The main bullet KTM has considered has been the great step forward that J.Juan has given currently to improve day by day its own quality standards both in its process and in the products it supplys to the transalpine company.

From J.Juan, the award has been received really positively. Together with the recognitions from other manufacturers, the trophy gives value to the constant and demanding daily work that J.Juan develops in its areas of quality and product’s control and improvement.

The German press highlights the courage of J.Juan Group

The German press highlights the courage of J.Juan Group

In its edition of August, Bike und Bussines gave evidence to J.Juan, highlighting the generational change in the direction of the company: from Mª Angeles and Carlos Juan to his younger brother Jose Luis Juan.

This summer, the leading magazine in the motorcycle industry in Germany has delighted its readers with a great report on the leaps and bounds of J.Juan from family business to multinational. Stephan Maderner has been the journalist who, after his visit to the facilities in Gavà (Barcelona), has written the article telling about the world’s leading company in hydraulic tube and second European brake manufacturer.

“Growth without brake” has entitled the German his article, in which he emphasized that the Spanish company – now directed by the second generation – is not only a reference for 80 OEMs, but also is gaining fame among bikers. In addition, it also reviews in the last paragraphs of his article the unstoppable growth of the company due to the demands of its customers.

Honda invites J.Juan to its quality circle in Poland

Honda invites J.Juan to its quality circle in Poland

Warsaw hosts this weekend the Honda NHC quality convention; a macro event in which compete 50 entities of the Japanese brand to which J.Juan has the honor of attending as a guest through Montesa Honda.

For the second year, J.Juan has been selected by Montesa Honda to attend the convention of the group NHC (circle of quality) that is celebrated this weekend in Poland. Juan Manuel Muñoz, Sergi Lorente, Jordi Armenter, Josep Oset, J. Carlos Cayuela and Amador Vázquez are the representatives of the company of Gavà in this event, where – as the other teams – they will exhibit their improvement in quality through a presentation of 12 minutes, enough time to show that J.Juan is at the forefront of solutions in this area.

The competition will feature 50 teams from 16 different countries – Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom – but only two areo external companies have been invited by Honda to the convention: J.Juan and an Italian supplier.

After several editions, Honda’s quality circle has become a milestone. This is a marked date -which is celebrated each year- in which several teams formed by entities of Honda expose their projects of improvements in quality. The objective is to know the improvements of each one and to compete to obtain a good position in the ranking of projects. As a guest, J.Juan does not take part in the competition, but the team participate actively in this magnificent event organized by the company of the golden wing.