The most prestigious motor magazine in India has published an article on its last edition exposing the growth of Chassis Brakes International (CBI), J.Juan’s Group partner in the country that holds the biggest motorbike market around the world.

Since March of 2015, Foundation Brakes Manufacturing –the name that CBI uses in India- works side by side with J.Juan Group, offering to the Spanish company their production facilities in India and taken advantage of the latest technical knowledge of the second brakes manufacturer in Europe.

Therefore, thanks to the cooperative work between both companies, the business growth is unstoppable year after year. Chassis Brakes International, which has presence over four continents, doesn’t stop to make bigger its brand in India and, consequently, J.Juan does it too.

Autocar Professional’ remarks on its article that the Netherland Company “are planning to introduce combined brake system for less than 125cc two-wheelers in the aftermarket with the help of its technical partner J.Juan of Spain”. The Indian magazine also writes about the partnership agreement between J.Juan and CBI, an alliance made by the aim to satisfy the growing opportunities in the Indian two-wheeler market.