For another year, the final podium of the Trial World Championship has a common denominator: Bou, Fajardo and Raga (Montesa-Honda, Gas Gas and TRS), all equipped with Braktec brake systems.

Another year, which is counted by years of existence of Braktec, the best riders in the world opted for the reliability, safety and certainty of the brakes designed in the factory of Gavá by the engineers specialized in Off Road sector.

Specifically, 2018 has seen how the new CNC front caliper, commonly known as EVO, has been lifted with all the podiums since it was presented in Japan at the beginning of June.

Not completely happy with these exits, the engineering team is already evolving the front and clutch brake pumps to improve, if possible, the performances of both equipments, which then transpires in improvements to the motorcycles of customers and Trial users.