The brand new J.JUAN Group brake systems for off road motorcycles will be present in it’s the two versions, which from September will begin to market the latest and anticipated Montesa-Honda 4RT260.

During the Italian Grand Prix, fifth scoring race for the Outdoor Trial World Championship of 2013, Montesa-Honda debuted the new Cota 4RT, a model which will be launched in two months and feature two versions: the Cota 4RT260 revisits the Montesa red with which the manufacturer clothed the previous models of the most iconic series Cota, and Race Replica, as its name suggests inherits from the current image of the Repsol Montesa-HRC, official competition team of the Hispanic-Japanese brand .


This model, produced entirely in the plant that Montesa-Honda has in our country, features amongst other changes the new BRAKTEC brake systems. Without going any further, the new Cota 4RT260 incorporates the new proprietary braking pump of the J.JUAN Group; much more compact and lightweight, offering more bite and an even more accurate response. Additionally, the brand new hydraulic tubing and hydraulics are also produced by BRAKTEC and fully integrated into the bike. The latest contribution of the J.JUAN off-road motorcycle braking systems specialist to the new 4RT260 Cota, is the clutch pump, a lighter weight and if possible even more efficient thanks to the precise and ergonomic design as well as the reliable manufacturing process throughout the BRAKTEC facilities and the entire J.JUAN Team in Gava, near Barcelona.


In terms of availability, both the Cota 4RT260 as well as the Race Replica will be on sale from next September, although the retail price has not yet been announced for either.
More details on the new Cota 4RT260 2014 is available on the dedicated website by Montesa-Honda: