Braktec, our leading off-road brand, has been the protagonist of the Trial Indoor of Barcelona that brought together 10,000 fans at Palau Sant Jordi and more than 100,000 fans through television, only in Spain.

Braktec was protagonist of the show. SoloMoto has organized this emotional 40th edition of the Trial Indoor in which, again, Toni Bou won spectacularly. Braktec played a leading role in the more technical area of ​​the circuit, while organizing, for another year, the contest of stops, consisting of reaching the maximum possible distance, braking the front wheel and lifting the rear one. This competition, which is currently only held in Barcelona, ​​has been won by Adam Raga.

Our off-road brand has been also technical protagonist of the event, because all the competing bikes were equipped with a 100% brake systems (pump and front caliper, pump and rear caliper) produced by Braktec at the J.Juan plant, the second European manufacturer of motorcycle brakes.

The event also celebrated an emotional memory to the winners and participants of the previous 40 editions. SoloMoto organized its first Trial Indoor in February 1976 as a fun-sporting event but, finally, it invented a new discipline of motorsport that every day gains more and more followers.

The final classification was led by Toni Bou, followed by Adam Raga, Jeroni Fajardo and Albert Cabestany. Jaime Bustos, Takahisa Fujinami, James Dabill and Franz Kadlek did not compete in the second round.