From Thursday March 30 to Sunday April 2, J.Juan will attend the motorcycle fair in Ciudad Condal, where a special contest will be organized to award the best ‘Breakesman’ between all the participants. The purpose of the contest is ‘to stop the bike in the smallest possible space’. So, would you like to be part of the test? You can win two MotoGP tickets!

Under the motto “Test your braking capacity”, the second European brake systems manufacturer will let available two Kawasaki 600 during Motoh! Barcelona for the test. The two bikes will equipped with stabilizers to discover who is the best ‘Brakesman’.

After the success of the initiative that J.Juan organized during last edition of the Spanish MotoGP, where in a single day more than two hundred participants approached to challenge their ability in braking, the Gavà’s company re-ignites engines to repeat the activity on the Avenida Reina María Cristina of Barcelona during the celebration of the Motoh! Barcelona.

The contest consists into accelerate in a straight line at 40 km / h and then stop the motorcycle in the smallest possible space. To participate, you must have the A license, come with a helmet and perform a breathalyzer control. All the participants must present themselves at the J.Juan entrance tent, accredit and sign the Civil Liability Insurance document.
Once the contest is over, the winner will keep the J.Juan Trophy and two tickets to attend his favorite MotoGP race during 2017 championship.