This weekend the fight for the WSBK Championship was arrived at the end, Jonathan Rea (in the first race) was proclaimed World Superbikes Champion in Jerez with a fourth place (was good at first ten places). His team mate Tom Sykes won the race from the beginning to the end.

In the second race, the Kawasaki Racing Team, was proclaimed WSBK team champion with Rea (4th) and Sykes (5th), that J.Juan equips with low extension brake hoses.

This brake hoses are pipes of aviation type, stainless meshed and inner teflon. It’s volume expansion are so low, and its have a very important competitive advantage so the rider have the same hand master feeling during all the race that overcomes the performances of the rubber pipes that as the settle warms up it swells and changes the feeling with the brake.

Kawasaki Racing Team is the bet of the japanese factory for a team formed in Barcelona, which is in charge of the Roda’s brothers- Biel and Guim.
This year was amazing for this team that is sponsorized by J.Juan and for his riders: Rea as World Champion and Sykes that is fighting for the second place in the championship.