ANESDOR made public the registration data of the two wheels vehicles sector in Catalonia in 2017, confirming a fall in sales of 13,2%.

The Spanish Association of Companies which work in motorbike market –in which Mª Angeles Juan acts as Vice President- offered yesterday a press conference in Barcelona to make public the motorbike registration data in Catalonia in 2017.

Therefore, it was claimed that last year the amount of registration was accounted in 41.377 bikes, falling by 13,2%  regarding 2016. José María Riaño, the General Secretary of this Association, said that this fall in the market was produced by the changes in the European Regulation about Emissions and also due to the Euro 4 implementation; a new rule about which Riaño stated that “it made advance the motorbike sales producing a big increase in the market in 2016”. However, Catalonia keeps leading motorbike sales in all the country.

César Rojo, ANESDOR President, gave value to the auxiliary industries, such as J.Juan, saying that “these industries in the Spanish market of bikes are day by day more powerful and used as a model in different countries, thanks to the innovation and development efforts that these companies do”.