The beginning of the year has been more positive than expected for J·Juan, facing a full year of Industrial and Commercial challenges that have to assume a qualitative leap with respect to previous stages.
Our challenges for 2017 are:

Increase of production capacity. The launch of the old Delphi plant in St. Cugat (Barcelona) and the expansion of China lines, brought J·Juan to double its production capacity in only 1 year, from the 15,000 m2 in 2106 to the 30,000 m2 in 2017.

Improvement in production processes. The investment in machinery, new production processes, industrial IT and the increase of 30% of the workforce, incorporating highly specialized employees, is a challenge for the continuous improvement and increase of the productive quality of all our products.

Increase our presence among manufacturers. J·Juan is currently OEM supplier of more than 80 motorcycle manufacturers. Perhaps, we are the supplier present in more factories of the world. But our challenge is to increase that presence offering a more tailored product reflecting the customer’s needs.

Increase the range of products. The incorporation of a wider technical team is the achievement of our challenge to significantly increase the 150 configurations currently available in the brakes section.

Support teams in competition. Sport is our authentic test for development. In 2017 riders and teams will be supported with specialized team present in the circuits and motorcycle tests.

Consolidate the international. During 2017 the CBI plant will manufacture the brakes devised in J·Juan for the entire Indian market, our plant in China will have better solutions for greater industrial and commercial penetration in the Asian market; Europe will grow in capacity and service, and America may be a surprise from industrial side.

Our clients also have their own challenges. In some cases, we share and work hard to become, once again, a success. In other cases, we want 2017 to become a year of victories and conquered challenges.