Warsaw hosts this weekend the Honda NHC quality convention; a macro event in which compete 50 entities of the Japanese brand to which J.Juan has the honor of attending as a guest through Montesa Honda.

For the second year, J.Juan has been selected by Montesa Honda to attend the convention of the group NHC (circle of quality) that is celebrated this weekend in Poland. Juan Manuel Muñoz, Sergi Lorente, Jordi Armenter, Josep Oset, J. Carlos Cayuela and Amador Vázquez are the representatives of the company of Gavà in this event, where – as the other teams – they will exhibit their improvement in quality through a presentation of 12 minutes, enough time to show that J.Juan is at the forefront of solutions in this area.

The competition will feature 50 teams from 16 different countries – Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom – but only two areo external companies have been invited by Honda to the convention: J.Juan and an Italian supplier.

After several editions, Honda’s quality circle has become a milestone. This is a marked date -which is celebrated each year- in which several teams formed by entities of Honda expose their projects of improvements in quality. The objective is to know the improvements of each one and to compete to obtain a good position in the ranking of projects. As a guest, J.Juan does not take part in the competition, but the team participate actively in this magnificent event organized by the company of the golden wing.