The relationship between J.Juan and the Kawasaki Racing Team can now be described as historical. We spoke with Biel Roda about the links between the Gavà brake company and the World Superbike Champion Team.

1. Do you remember the beginning of the relationship between KRT and J.Juan?

The relationship with J.Juan began in 2012 when Àlvar Garriga – Technical Director of Kawasaki Racing Team – realized that the team had some difficulties with the bike’s hoses. Then, it was necessary to look for a partner in that field. His goal was to find a company that worked well and, after studying it, it was decided that J.Juan was the optimal one for this project. Thus, they began to make parts together, both brake system, cables and tubes. I think we can say that it was from this joint technical development that the relationship between J.Juan and the KRT began.



2. A historical relationship already …

Yes, after two years we took another leap in our relationship and J.Juan stopped helping us only at the product level to enter also as a sponsor, contributing financial resources and being much more involved in the team. Now we support each other: J.Juan helps us to adapt the series motorcycle to the racing one and we also give them support through the feedback our riders give us in relation to the final behavior of the product.

3. Are the riders happy?

Of course, the riders are very grateful. The J.Juan meshed hose gives them more tact when it comes to applying the brake and, in addition, never fails. The reaction is fast and being a racing team these thousandths are highly valued. In each circuit, both Jonathan and Tom, challenge the limits of the bike and J.Juan is always there to provide us with the necessary equipment and with what riders ask.

4. How to ignore them! With the brilliant results that you have us used to.

I imagine that one day we will come down from this cloud! Or not…

5. Surely not. Did you know that the relationship with KRT is one of the longest of J.Juan and, without any doubt, the closest and most profitable one?

We are happy to be. We always seek to give the best to our sponsors. Even so, with J.Juan the relationship goes even further. With Mª Angeles Juan we have a great bond, she is a woman who runs an industrial company that people do not even imagine how big it is. We have many suppliers from Slovenia, France, Italy, … but a Catalan company, you have it next to the ship, you can even talk directly with the owner and have the business plans and development that J.Juan has… You can not ask for more! We see them as part of our family.

6. What does J.Juan bring you?

First of all, development and technical solutions in terms of brake system and, in addition, in recent years also financial aid. The technical contribution is essential, but the economic one also helps a lot. If you set about doing calculations, moving a team of thirty people around the world, with Hospitality, trucks and others, is a huge economic effort … so this help is also very much appreciated.

7. How do you approach what the team gives to J.Juan?

In my Marketing area, we work to be a little the ambassadors of the brand in Superbikes. Also afterwards, the riders, at a more technical level, can help to perfect the systems according to their opinion and feelings on the track. What is clear to us all is that if we sell the J.Juan product well it is because it works and we like it, if we were not sure about that we would not assemble it.

8. We could not have better ambassadors. Years at the top and, this 2017, one more title. And a historic one! How do you experience it in the team?

To win anyone gets used quickly, so we always try to explain to people that it is not easy. Being a world champion involves a lot of work behind and many people. It seems easy, but we have a technical and human balance behind that is hard to find. For years we have worked together, that helps, we also have a competitive motorcycle and the two best riders of the world.

9. Do you believe in the ‘luck’ component?

Not quite, although it is clear that always plays its role. I think it is an indispensable condition but not sufficient. To win is essential to work hard, constant and with a good team behind, although it is true that you can count on the best suppliers, the best mechanics, riders and a perfect motorcycle that you will always fight with great giants like Ducati, Aprilia or Yamaha, that they also put all their effort into winning. So maybe there’s some luck. But undoubtedly these are large world factories, so it could be that someday someone will do better than you.