India, world leader in the manufacture of motorcycles with more than 20 million units produced in 2018, is evolving the hydraulic transmission of its vehicles from the traditional rubber to the meshed hydraulic hose. The fidelity of the touch, the feeling, the great export of motorcycles and the security provided by the meshed hose is the reason why Indian users begin to demand higher quality finishes for their bikes. In that context, J.JUAN is becoming the protagonist of this transformation. At the beginning of 2019 it is already foreseen that the production of J.JUAN will increase by 50% with respect to 2018, reaching to produce 4.5 million meters of meshed hoses. The production capacity of the Barcelona company, however, has not touched its ceiling since, with the transfer of the entire brake area from Gavà to Sant Cugat, J.JUAN has expanded the production capacity in this first plant and could produce up to 6 million meters a year, to which we must add those produced in the Chinese plant for the Chinese and American markets.