The first ever rider to win three World Superbike titles in a row. One more and he will achieve Fogarty’s record. He’s near to be the greatest guy in SBK. Jonathan Rea is always synonym of exit.


1. Congratulations for the title, Jonathan! An historic one. You are the first ever rider to win three World SBK titles in a row. Does it mean it special?

I think the most special is always the first one, but this one was nice because we had some problems but generally during the year everything works really smooth. A part of Donington, where I had a tyre problem, I think everything has gone super well this year, always being on the podium… so, we really have make a good season.

2. So if you have to choose one as the more special title, will you choose the first one?

The first one title was more special for me, but this year I have more fun in the races and with the team. I have been more confident, strong and dominant. In 2015 maybe I won the race but perfectly could be another one. This year I have been stronger. On the other side, last year was the most difficult to win… without doubts, 2016 was the most challenging season.

3. Sometime seems like you have no rival. How do you keep motivated?

Winning. The first championship was special because it was my first win with Kawasaki. So this was my motivation: to win with this bike. The following year we use a different bike, so motivation comes to develop and try to win back to back. And finally, this year I feel more in my own brain, so motivation comes from this feeling of getting bigger than my rivals.

4. And for the next year, is it your goal to achieve Fogarty titles?

My goal is always to win, so could be nice to be the guy who is the most successful. Anyway I don’t think about records or statistics… It’s all about to win. But of course, if it happens would be incredible. Fogarty is the greatest rider in SBK so it could be super nice.

5. Did you think anytime to move to another championship? Your name sounds this year in MotoGP…

Of course was my dream when I was younger to go to MotoGP, but during my years with Honda I was disappointed when I had not the opportunity. That was my time, but who knows about the future… I have no idea. Now, I will be with Kawasaki for 2018 and for 2019 anything it’s possible, so we will see.

6. Finally, you use J.Juan product in your bike like other non-stop winning riders as Toni Bou. What do you think about the product?

It’s easy to explain, brakes are one of the most important factors in the racing together with open the throttle. If you have some problem with these, you have a big problem. So I have confidence with J.Juan product because these brakes let me push 100% on the limit because I know they would never let me down. So it’s a confidence thing.