Last weekend, the fifth edition of Electrocat competition toke place in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, where eight teams from different schools competed in this popular race of electric vehicles. Like in other student’s competitions, J.Juan has wanted to follow this event closely, giving its support to the students. In this case, Gavà’s company has join the most honoured team: the one from Insitituto Palau Ausit.

The main goal of this competition is to build up an electric vehicle, being only provided by the organisation with some parts of the machine such as the motor or the battery. The other has to be done by the students.

The competition starts on Friday, when the teams have to verify the vehicles just to assure their safety. Then, they need to pass also some technical controls to prove in front of the judges that the vehicles agree with the established rules. Later, the students expose the project, adding some technical statements about the different things they have studied.

On Saturday, the show begins. Teams have to compete, first of all, in a slalom race, then they move to a resistance track, where they face two different races of 20 minutes. Finally, the winner is the team that has completed more laps during that time.

Insitituto Palau Ausit, loyalty to J.Juan products to build its vehicle, has already win three times this competition, while in the other two editions they have finished on the podium. This year, the team has revalidated the title they conquered last year. Now, with two victories in a row, they are the most laureate team ever. Will they take in 2019 the third win in a row?