J.Juan faces his fourth Dakar with an impressive success in the participation of vehicles that equip their brakes. No less than 80% of the Side by Side competing in this edition fully trust the calipers produced by the Barcelona company.

Of the 51 vehicles that start in the Side by Side category, 47 are equipped with the brakes manufactured by the brand of the two jacks. If we extend the list to the other Side by Side, the so-called “light prototypes”, altogether it equips 78 of the 98 vehicles participating in the Dakar.

J.Juan decided to bet on this type of vehicle in 2018, when from the hand of the American Marc Burnett, equips his first Can Am, with which he obtained the prestigious Baja 1000 in California, a mythical Raids competition.

Shortly after, and with the help of South Racing, they started in the Dakar and since January 2019, J.Juan has counted as success each one of his participations in this prestigious desert competition. He won in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions. And he not only won, in the three previous editions the side by side that J.Juan equipped won the Top Ten of the final classification.

This type of vehicle is becoming the most common in this type of competition. For example, in the present Dakar it will be the second category of participation, with 98 Side by Side, just behind motorcycles (144) and ahead of cars (92), Trucks (57) and Quads (21)

With just 667 kilos of weight, these sports UTVs are propelled by 120 HP of power. Its agility and maneuverability give it a sporting spirit that is convincing the best car and motorcycle drivers.

J.Juan, which employs 640 workers, is a company created in Barcelona in 1965, specialized in hydraulic braking tube, production of brake calipers, hand master cylinders, control cables and clutches. It has recently been acquired by Brembo, the world benchmark in brake systems.