To put things into perspective, J·Juan Group’s growth rate since 2006 up to the present, except in 2009, when the global crisis started, has always been a two-digit number. Our expectation for the near future is to maintain this trend: in 2020 we have an objective to multiply our current turnover by a factor of 2.5, that is, to achieve a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 30%.

You may think that it is a rather challenging goal, or even just a dream, but it is not at all. It’s important that you know that during the last 12 years, we have dedicated a lot of resources to the goal of becoming the third global player in brake system solutions for motorcycle and powersports industries.

Now we are gathering the “fruits”. We have already been adjudicated projects that assure the doubling of our current turnover by 2019, and we are currently involved in  many other quotation processes that, if we succeed, will contribute to our reaching this objective or even surpassing it.