00 Jerez IRTA MotoGP 22, 23, 24 y 25 de marzo de 2013

A new and exciting MotoGP season will start this weekend in Losail, the circuit of Qatar. And J.Juan will be on the grid again, as it has been doing for more than ten years, when the company started co-working with the BQR Team first, and nowadays with the Avintia Team. J.Juan will keep on providing to the team with some parts from the highest quality, in order to satisfy them in the toughest racing competition in all over the world, the MotoGP World Championship, and in the thrilling category of Moto2.


Hector Barberá, from Valencia, and the Japanese Hiroshi Aoyama -former 250 World Champion- are the MotoGP class riders in the Avintia Team. They both will enjoy their stunning BQR-FTR bikes in the CRT class. These bikes are a mix between a FTR frame and a Kawasaki based engine, whith a maximum output of more than 240 HP, and a top speed of more than 320 kph, with a total weight of only 161 kg. The Avintia Team is in Qatar, with its members a bit excited before starting the first meeting of the Championship. This is what both MotoGP riders have told us:

Héctor Barberá: I like the circuit and I have always ridden well there. Its layout, with fast corners, suits my riding style and the truth is that I am at ease on it. Racing at night is a special incentive but above all is interesting to see the real potential of each one. The pre-season has gone very well and the truth is that we have high expectations. The team has done a great job and I feel strong and I am in a good shape. The aim is to be the first CRT and, if I do not achieve it, I will not be happy. The rivals have a high level but we all have the quality to get it

Hiroshi Aoyama: We have worked enough during the pre-season and I think that we have chosen a good way to get ready to the first race in Qatar, although we do not know exactly where we are until we race. I love riding at night, so in this race I will be at ease; I wish all could be at night! I am happy and I cannot wait to start the season of my return to the championship. The hand is not perfect but I think that it will not limit me much.. We will see.”

Moto 2

The Moto2 class is going to be ebven more exciting than in the previous seasons. The Avintia Racing Team is going to combine the huge experience of a former Moto2 World Champion, as Toni Elias, with the youth of the British rider Kyle Smith. They will ride on Kalex bikes, fitted with 140 HP Honda engines.

Toni Elías: I like the layout of the track, but racing in the night will be a bit more complicated due to the humidity. I would rather racing during the day, but in fact is not a problem at all, because it will be the same for everybody. We have been riding well during the pre-season tests, but I think that we have to improve a bit more, and we will try to push hard during the two days of free practice sessions to arrive to the qualyfing practice being even more competitive. I am happy about the progress we have achieved in a short period of time, and we are arriving to Qatar with a lot of confidence, both the team and I. It´s always complicated to predict the race results, specially in Moto2 class, with the same conditions for all bikes and riders, but in case we could not win, I think that being on the podium would be a good result for the first race in the season.

Kyle Smith: You couldn´t even imagine how excited I am about arriving to Qatar. I´m not lying when I say I´m not nervous – I guess it would not be the same when we arrive there´. But I want to see the track, to ride in, to learn the layout… I know I have a lot of work to do, but you can be sure that I´ll do it! I am in a very good team, with good technical skills, and I am going to take part in the Moto2 World Championship! I have everything I want! There is no doubt: it´s an excellent opportunity and I have to do my best. For sure it´s going to be hard, but I´m arriving to the first race absolutely confident about my team, I´m physically ok, and, as I said, I really want to start racing