04 GP Francia 16, 17, 18 y 19  de mayo de 2013

The Spanish company takes part in competition with the Avintia Racing Team.
The motorcycle brake systems company, located in Gavá (Barcelona), is taking part in the MotoGP World Championship as a technical sponsor of the Avintia Racing team, with riders such as the japanese Hiroshi Aoyama in MotoGP class, o the Spanish Toni Elías in Moto2 class, amongst some other riders.

The company wants to join this way the highest competition again, after being sure that the products they are designing and making deserve to be fit in MotoGP class, where only the bests can find their place.
J.Juan has been collaborating with Avintia Racing for more tan a decade, since the years of BQR Team. In 2013 it is coming back to the fight offering them some parts with the highest quality for the prototypes BQR-FTR of Barberá and Aoyama, both of them riding in the CRT class, in MotoGP. Both Kalex Moto2 of Elías (2010 Moto2 class World Champion) and Smith are fitted with the best parts to allow them to be fighting in a very hard class, with a lot of similarity between all riders during the whole season.

On the other hand, this year means a very special effort for J.Juan in racing and in technical sponsoring areas. Apart from MotoGP, J.Juan is providing their products to the World Superbike Championship, to the Motocross World Championship, and to the Spanish Road Racing Championship (CEV), amongst some other classes.


What does J.Juan offer?

The MotoGP World Championship motorcycles are totally fitted with J.Juan hydraulic hoses, from master cylinders to piston callipers; all of them are essential in order to allow the riders to brake as hard as possible and gain some valuable tenths.
The company gives the team metallic brake hoses, bolts and connectors; all of them are made with the highest quality and show a very low weight.

Toni Elías

‘To keep the feeling in the right lever while braking is one of the most important things when going into a corner. The braking system, including every single part, is essential then, and for me the hoses’ work is never unnoticed’.

Design and making

The J.Juan factory is placed only about twenty kilometers far from Barcelona, and there they preceed to an accurate design and making process of their braking systems, to assure that they will fit to the highest levels of quality.
Their engineers, working side by side with the motorcycle makers from the first draw to the final process, are able to develop some exclusive and specific parts for every kind of motorbike, finding the best of the possible solutions in every case.
The design and making process is always ruled under a very strict modus operandi, based in complex calculus, tolerance variations analysis, development of the materials used in, and thermal simulations. The production processes of J.Juan are efficient and flexible, which allows them to fit the requirements of any kind of customer from any part of the world. Quality controls are exhaustive in every braking system, brake hose and control cable they make. This way the company can guarantee the best quality from every single product they produce.


J.Juan has no limits in research areas. Nowadays they are working in a future project of a rear brake system, including master cylinder and calliper, specially designed for the highest competition. Some experiments are always in progress in their laboratories to develop some future parts of mass productions motorcycles. Some of the most important companies in the world, such Harley-Davidson or BMW, blindly trust in J.Juan products to fit their bikes.

04 GP Francia 16, 17, 18 y 19  de mayo de 2013