Last 7th of November, J.Juan achieved the first award in the ceremony of the prizes ‘Made in Gavà’, which acknowledge the companies set in this city. Big companies, such as García Faura and MCI Group, were the finalists who competed against J.Juan for the award. However, finally, the biggest Spanish company of the two wheels sector got the prize in this first edition of ‘Made in Gavà’ Awards.

Carlos Juan –vice president of J.Juan- was who collected the award during a ceremony in the AC Hotel Gavà Mar hosted by the catalan actor Joan Pere. These new prizes answer the aim of the city to boost its business sector and to make grow the value of the companies set in the area.

In order to decide the winners, the judges studied specific bullets about the candidates; judgements as the billing achieved by the company during the last season, the increase of its list of clients, the research into new markets and the internationalization of the brand, or the quality of work conditions or the promotion of equal opportunities for the employees. Strict competition rules just to make sure that the winners were the fair ones.