The IQS Companies Foundation (Institut Químic de Sarrià) has incorporated J.Juan as a new member, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of brake system components for the Automotive sector.

The adhesion of the company was formalized through an institutional act held on May 14 at the headquarters of the QIQ. The event was attended by J.Juan, Mrs. Ángeles Juan Verdejo, the Vice-President and Mr. José Luis Juan Verdejo, CEO of the Industrial group. IQS was attended by Dr. Pere Regull, IQS General Director and Mrs. Rosa Curt, Head of External Relations of the IQS Companies Foundation.

The Institut Químic de Sarrià is one of the most prestigious training centers in Barcelona and a forger since the nineteenth century of the leading engineers of Catalonia. Fundación Empresas IQS was created to promote training, research and the relationship between IQS teaching and the business world. Its activity focuses on Scholarships for Students; Laboratories and Equipment and Instrumentation for an innovative university; Investigation; and Infrastructures for teaching in research.

J.Juan is a Catalan family company, whose activity is the OEM supply to companies in the motorcycle, ATV, UTV and mini cars sector in a global market, with an export quota of 96%.

J.Juan is characterized by its continuous search for customer satisfaction by providing innovative solutions to new Brake System technologies, maintaining a high level of quality of its supplies and expanding its catalog of products continuously.

In recent years J.Juan has diversified its business, and in 2017 it made effective the purchase of Fides, a German company headquartered in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), a company that developed software, hardware and touch screens; as well as the manufacture of electronic systems, circuits and components. As a result of this operation, J.Juan Electronicos was born.

At the end of March 2019, the former offices of Delphi, also in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), were remodeled to accommodate the entire brake system production process of J.Juan Brake Systems. This new plant located in Sant Cugat is already fully operational to become the World Brake Hub. From this plant all the brakes that are exported to the United States and Europe are manufactured. In total, the plant of Sant Cugat welcomes 170 workers highly specialized in Brake Systems.

Currently J.Juan has a very professional staff composed of more than 500 employees, of which more than 15% are part of the development department among its 4 production centers, (including China and Europe).