nueva pinza radial de altas prestaciones

Juan keeps working in the vehicle test with his last design, a 4 pistons radial caliper designed for the European standard interaxis (100mm) and also the Japanese (108mm). The track and road tests are being carried out with a Yamaha R1, a vehicle able to accelerate from 0 to 200km/h in about 6 seconds, which is clearly suitable for the hardest braking in hands of J.Juan official test rider, Xavi del Amor, Supersport Spanish champion and ex-Moto GP rider.

nueva pinza radial

Using data logging systems is an important help for the development team, as it gives the information about the status and behaviour of the brake system and values such as fluid pressure, fluid and pad temperature, deceleration, etc… All this information will be helpful in order to improve until the maximum performance and fading resistance is reached.

telemetría jjuan