CF Moto 650 NK 2013

After 2 years of hard work J.Juan has achieved one of his last challenges: the design and manufacture of a new braking system for medium and large displacement motorcycles.
This is about a complete front set which includes a hand master cylinder and double calliper together with a foot master cylinder and single calliper for the rear application. Its premises, lightness, stopping power and modularity are 3 important objectives that require intensive testing in order to make it work correctly.
Bomba mano cf man regul
The axial front master cylinder, with a stunning aesthetic design, shows an integrated fluid reservoir and an adjustable lever looking for the best ergonomic fit. Its shape is not random, after several initial sketches and prototypes the design team was able to match together technical and aesthetic needs, just what the last sport naked motorcycles are seeking.

Its technical design looks after big fluid impulsion and a quick actuation, good starting point for a fast and sportive braking. At the same time, maximized life us assured without any loss of performance, just as is expected from a Product from J.Juan.

The front calipers are floating type, using lightweight aluminium brackets with an accurate machining for flawless operation. One of its strengths is the different behaviour they can offer in order to get different kind of braking feel, from the comfort and smoothness of a GT to the quickness and sensations of a street fighter.
The die cast bodies of this callipers are manufactured using a special and very light aluminium alloy, thanks to their unique “bridge design” they can have all the required strength with the minimum weight.

As J.Juan knows the importance of reducing the unsprung mass, no technical resource has been forgotten, therefore, large diameter pistons are made with sturdy aluminium alloys and anodized with a very low temperature procedure which increases its hardness and improves their working life. Small issues that when assembled together give a product with interesting benefits.


Regarding the rear system we can find a foot master cylinder with the ability to give a smooth braking, since it is operated with the foot, not with hand. Meanwhile, the caliper is assembled to the wheel axle with a complex aluminum and lightweight bracket.

At this point you will ask to yourself. How to minimize weight get the necessary performance and durability? The starting point is well-calculated designs and after that, several laboratory and dynamic tests.

In order to carry out its road and track testing J.Juan has the different vehicles, according the brake system to be tested. From sport bikes such as the Yamaha R1, through naked as the Kawasaki Z750 and scooters such as the Peugeot Satellis 125.


The dynamic tests are performed by two professional riders; this is the best possible field for the development. Brake systems are subject to the maximum possible deceleration loads and are pushed to the limit of its possibilities With the correct instrumentation it is possible to “read” what is happening within the hydraulic system, so it is possible to analyze the pressures, temperatures, decelerations, pilot efforts… valuable information to adjust the design parameters in order to achieve the best result.

To sum up with, the endurance test is carried out, thousands of kilometres pushing the limits of the system in order to be sure that it will stand it with no regrets. A real test, very helpful, which makes able to know the limits of J.Juan product, right know, very hard to beat!

Stay tuned, because the application of this innovative J.Juan product will soon be used in the CF moto 650NK-TK and the Zero DS Motorcycle S-2014.