J.Juan, the Spanish company of brake systems, was recently praised for its good industrial work in the Chinese television, where an in-depth report on the brand based in Jiaxing and also in Gavá was broadcast.

Millions of people were witnesses to the report, which focused on explaining both the type of products that J.Juan develops as well as the level of sales expected for this 2018 (105 million RMB).

Jiaxing TV also wanted to highlight the number of workers that host the Spanish company in China, being a total of 110 people in the current staff, a more than encouraging number in the face of the occupation in this region of the country.

The reason for the report was clear: to highlight J.Juan as one of the leading industries in its development in Asia, since the world leader in meshed hydraulic pipe is one of the few companies based in Jiaxing that is considered ‘High Tech’ and that is officialized by The Chinese Government.