J·Juan leads a group of four companies including Gutmar (Aeronautics OEM), Guilera (Automotive OEM) and ISEE (Engineering Hi Tech) that will industrialize once again the facilities that the US automotive multinational Delphi has in Sant Cugat del Valles (10 km far from Barcelona).

Delphi will delocate OEM car production to Romania. J·Juan, Gutmar, Isee and Guilera have valued the technical and industrial knowledge of the employees of Delphi and they have opted for the human capital. Among the four, it is planned recruitment for the new activity of t208 former employees (121 destinated to J·Juan) of Delphi for the next two years. We must clarify that the demand for signed orders for the next two years will have an increase in turnover of more than 40% above the current status.