The team led by Guim and Biel Roda have surprised us with a First Category gift. They arrived in our factory of Gavá with an immense poster where you can observe the bike Champion of the World supported by all the members of the Kawasaki Racing Team celebrating the Triplet: World Champion for Brand, World Champion of Riders (Rea) and Vice-champion of the World (Sykes). In the upper right corner, a legend that is a tribute: “It is impossible to win the World Superbike Championship without the technical support and the passion of world-class technical partners like J.Juan!”

From pour side, this was of a great value more than a Tiffany one could be. We are very proud to work with this team and to gather the friendship and affection they show us in each moment and by each one of the members of the KRT, from the most consecrated pilot, to the last man. Thank you!