The J·Juan Racing team leads the ATV category of the Hellas Rally (10 to 15 of May) after the first round held between the towns of Edipsos and Lihad.
Alex Feliu, the rider of Olot, competes to the Hella Rally with a Renegade 800 (Can Am).
J·Juan Racing is attending the competition to test its new ATV ‘s braking system.
After crossing the finish line, our rider complained for a doubt about the kilometer 20, where he loose a couple of minutes. Despite of this complain, he was extremely happy with the overall performance of the vehicle and more specifically with the successful work of pumps, calipers and pads made ​​in this first configuration prepared by J·Juan Racing.

First Stage:
The planned route will ride to the town of Illia for the exit. From there, the riders will go to the first scheduled refueling point in Vasilika and then to the second in Prokopi. After that, the riders will face the last sector which ends near Edipsos after traveling a total of 210 kilometers.
Today, the brake settings will be modified by introducing a new rear calipers and mounting new components in the independent front pumps. The aim is to further enhance the feel and progressiveness of the train.

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