More than 1,500 Siemens Industry Software (SIS) global managers gathered on January 31 and February 1 in Bucharest to analyze new trends and solutions in Industrial software and the industry’s vision 4.0 and learn the most relevant success stories of applications.

J.Juan was invited to participate as one of the companies that “have done an excellent job and how our customers establish clear improvements from our solutions”, in the words of Tony Jolly, Vice President, Channels, EMEA at Siemens PLM Software.

José Luis Juan (J·Juan’s Associated General Manager) and Juan Antonio Cuadrado (J·Juan Brake Systems Business Unit Manager) were in charge of exposing as applying the implemented SIS have been perfected in the production processes of industrial plants throughout the J.Juan Group.

Together with the company of Gavá, other renown entities presented their case of success: Perm Engine Company, the largest aeronautical company of Russia and one of the industries of world-wide reference of aerospace engines and of power generation with turbines of gas, the German group Sumida, a worldwide manufacturer of components and inductive modules for the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets sectors, the medical company, also German, Peter Brehm who, working in the fields of engineering and medicine, develop implants for total hip and knee arthroplasty, and spinal surgery. And finally the Austrian Anger Machining, a leader in the manufacture of transfer machining centers for the automotive industry for companies such as Audi, GM, Bosch, Daimler, Volkswagen among many others.