J.Juan equips 80% of the Side by Side competitors in the Dakar

J.Juan equips 80% of the Side by Side competitors in the Dakar

J.Juan faces his fourth Dakar with an impressive success in the participation of vehicles that equip their brakes. No less than 80% of the Side by Side competing in this edition fully trust the calipers produced by the Barcelona company.

Of the 51 vehicles that start in the Side by Side category, 47 are equipped with the brakes manufactured by the brand of the two jacks. If we extend the list to the other Side by Side, the so-called “light prototypes”, altogether it equips 78 of the 98 vehicles participating in the Dakar.

J.Juan decided to bet on this type of vehicle in 2018, when from the hand of the American Marc Burnett, equips his first Can Am, with which he obtained the prestigious Baja 1000 in California, a mythical Raids competition.

Shortly after, and with the help of South Racing, they started in the Dakar and since January 2019, J.Juan has counted as success each one of his participations in this prestigious desert competition. He won in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions. And he not only won, in the three previous editions the side by side that J.Juan equipped won the Top Ten of the final classification.

This type of vehicle is becoming the most common in this type of competition. For example, in the present Dakar it will be the second category of participation, with 98 Side by Side, just behind motorcycles (144) and ahead of cars (92), Trucks (57) and Quads (21)

With just 667 kilos of weight, these sports UTVs are propelled by 120 HP of power. Its agility and maneuverability give it a sporting spirit that is convincing the best car and motorcycle drivers.

J.Juan, which employs 640 workers, is a company created in Barcelona in 1965, specialized in hydraulic braking tube, production of brake calipers, hand master cylinders, control cables and clutches. It has recently been acquired by Brembo, the world benchmark in brake systems.

J.Juan obtains an excellent in ISO 14001

J.Juan obtains an excellent in ISO 14001

Once again, J.Juan has been congratulated by the auditors of ISO 14001 (the environment) for his excellent work and effort. In the previous edition he obtained a 10. In this one he has not lowered the bar. A very high note, where the auditors have highlighted the following aspects:

Throughout JJuan, and especially in Sant Cugat, the commitment of all departments in the search for environmental improvements and improvement continues to demonstrate a teamwork at the level of excellence.

At J.Juan Gavá, the work of JCD Facility, the company responsible for maintenance, has been very well evaluated. For the second year in a row it has emerged as a strong point due to the continuous improvement of its implemented system to monitor and demonstrate the work carried out in Facility Maintenance (QR Codes, etc.).

The HR Department has also received congratulations, which after the difficulties due to Covid, has known how to find alternatives to end 2021 with more than 90% of the training planned in the 2021 Annual Training Plan. The auditor has highlighted this work, already These two years, all the companies that it has audited have suffered enormously to be able to comply and on many occasions they have canceled the training for staff training due to the Covid.

The J.Juan Academy platform has also been highly valued, with its offer free courses available to all interested personnel.

The environmental communication policy has also received congratulations, highlighting that the internal Communication area has been able to consolidate and improve to levels of excellence.

Finally, they have admired the work done to prevent Covid in all J.Juan plants.

J.Juan held the first world event on a World Cup circuit since the beginning of COVID

J.Juan held the first world event on a World Cup circuit since the beginning of COVID

It brought together 560 workers at the Privilege de Montmeló during the Superbikes Event

The Spanish company J.Juan has been the first in the world to hold an event on a motorcycle circuit since Covid began
Taking advantage of the fact that they could not celebrate their 55th anniversary and the celebration of Superbike competition in Barcelona, J. Juan invited all their employees to the Privilege area of the Circuit de Catalunya to enjoy a day of Superbikes.
Approximately 600 people were invited to a specific macro bubble, where all the necessary measures have been taken to avoid contagion. All attendees presented COVID passports or have passed a preventive control 24 hours before the event.
J.Juan has equipped the Kawasaki Racing Team with brake systems and components for the last 8 years and has won a total of seven world championships during that span, one from Tom Sikes and 6 from Jonathan Rea.
During the event, Jonathan Rea and Alex Lowes presented some plaques of tribute to M. Angeles, Carlos and José Luis Juan, managers of J.Juan who, for 40 years, have been the architects of a great Spanish motorcycling industry.
J.Juan is a world leader in meshed hydraulic tube for motorcycles and is the second largest European brake systems factory in Europe. It invoices more than 70 million euros and employs 640 workers worldwide. It has recently signed a sales agreement by Brembo, a world leader in brake systems, which will strengthen its presence in the two-wheeler market.

J.JUAN joins AMBE, an interview with them

J.JUAN joins AMBE, an interview with them

JJUAN began its activity in 1947 as a manufacturer of bicycle cables. Over the years, its activity expanded and diversified to become a world leader in the manufacture of reinforced hydraulic brake hose for motorcycles. Now, they join AMBE as part of their commitment to the bicycle sector. We interviewed Jose Luis Juan Verdejo, CEO of the JJUAN group
What does JJUAN offer?
J. Juan was established in 1965 as a Public Limited Company from an activity that began in 1947 as, then, a manufacturer of bicycle cables whose main customers were the manufacturers Amat, Masferrer and Castells.
Its activity was extended to the motorcycle sector and diversified its activity by complementing the cable with the manufacture of reinforced hydraulic brake hose of which we are a world leader. 15 years ago we expanded our field of action once again and began to develop motorcycle brake systems (calipers and master cylinders). Today we are the second largest European manufacturer and supplier of brake systems for all offroad and onroad segments.
We offer a comprehensive safety system consisting of gas cable, clutch cable, hydraulic brake system and mechanical brake system.
We are a company 97% dedicated to OEM (first equipment manufacturer) and 3% dedicated to spare parts and accessories.

Why did you join AMBE and how do you see the bicycle sector in Spain from JJUAN?
For some years now, we have been evaluating promoting activity in the bicycle sector. The time has come to contribute our knowledge of the motorcycle brake in the sector. The bicycle sector has gained greater performance power and has become increasingly dynamic. As a company, we like to be part of the group that is interested in and defends the sectors in which we are involved, and AMBE is a benchmark in the world of two wheels. Therefore, if we want to strengthen our presence as a player in the bicycle world, we must be partners of AMBE.
The bicycle sector in Spain is thriving. Social dynamics have rediscovered a useful, sustainable, sporty, family and social vehicle. Its growth will be exponential as long as the culture of Health and environmental hygiene prevails. We see that the bicycle sector presents us with an opportunity to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to increase the safety of bicycles.

Jose Luis Juan Verdejo, CEO of the JJUAN group:

How have you adapted to 2020, the pandemic and what are your main challenges for 2021 and the future?
At an organizational level, we established very strict work protocols, which allowed us to continue the activity (except for 15 days of rigorous unemployment) without any incidents among the 480 workers in Spain or among the 140 in China. To this day, these protocols, more relaxed, are maintained and every week the HSE Committee analyzes what steps we must follow for the good progress of the health of our workers and, therefore, of the company.
Economically, it has been an extraordinary and hectic year. Despite a disastrous second quarter, in the last six months we have invoiced the same as in 9 months of normal activity.
In 2021 we continue in line with double-digit growth and our challenges are to undertake new market segments that allow us to diversify our activity to minimize business risks. One of those great challenges is the irruption in the world of electric bike brakes and bicycles in general.
We see the future with optimism and with great possibilities for our company in a world that will trend towards deglobalization, but our spirit of “accompanying the client” allows us to be present in multiple countries to provide solutions.

La Vanguardia values positively the performance of J.Juan in 2020

La Vanguardia values positively the performance of J.Juan in 2020


La Vanguardia, the most widely read newspaper in Spain, values ​​J.Juan’s 2020 financial year very positively.

In a report published in the most notable area of ​​the Economy section, the newspaper reports on the good results of the Barcelona company despite the setbacks arising from Covid-19 and contrasts it with the drop in motorcycle sales.

It picks up the words of José Luis Juan, CEO of the Group of companies, who emphasizes that in the last six months of 2020 the same occurred and invoiced as the last 9 months of 2020. “A spectacular recovery”, in his words, “thanks to that all the teams have made an extraordinary effort ”.

La Vanguardia is amazed at the growth of 8% that despite the cost overruns caused in 2020 by the incidents in the supply chains.

In the article, José Luis sets good expectations for the first semester 2021, with the confidence of being able to start traveling for face-to-face meetings (J.Juan exports 98%) and that the financial aid promised by Euopa will serve as an incentive for the economy to end of 2021 and all of 2022, where the motorcycle will acquire greater relevance as a transport vehicle.