J.Juan starring in the Marvel films

J.Juan starring in the Marvel films

J.Juan will appear in Disney’s film Black Widow, within the Marvel series The Avengers, starring Scarlett Johansson.

Our brake systems components are equipped in the CCM Spitfire 600 model.  Elegant and lightweight bikes with chassis and tubular swingarms consisting  ofeye welds, spoke rims and minimal bodywork. The CCM brand, founded by Alan Clews in 1970, has made an impressive increase in their portfolio for both road and off-road motorcycles.

In order to see the brakes on the big screen, you must wait a while. If Disney doesn’t change the schedule, Black Widow will premiere in May 2021

J.Juan receives an award for their Management of Working Risks.

J.Juan receives an award for their Management of Working Risks.

MC Mutual, perhaps the most important mutual labor organization in Spain, has recognized the work being done at the new brake system production plant in Sant Cugat by recognizing them in the XIX edition of the MC MUTUAL Awards with the “Antonio Baró”  award for the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

In MC Mutual’s words: “The company has been awarded for the development of its preventive activities during 2019, composed of policies focused on protecting the workforce and improving working conditions.”

Among the preventive measures most valued by the MC MUTUAL jury, it is worth highlighting the implementation of PRL awareness campaigns, the addition of new security measures in the warehouse, and their commitment to road safety”.

He adds: “During 2019, the company’s employees have completed a Road Safety course at the RACC School, and the company encourages meetings by videoconferencing to avoid having to travel to attend meetings at the different plants of the Group. This allows for time flexibility for office staff so that they can adjust their schedule to avoid traffic jams.”

“The company continues adopting healthy habits through the dieting platform,” which has supported “the delivery of healthy workshops and weekly promoting of healthy recipes. Fresh and seasonal fruit is also delivered every week, at the company’s direction.”

A rewarded effort

This is not the first time that J.Juan has achieved such recognition – even by the environmental auditors themselves – but as they say, the difficult thing is not to arrive, but to stay on top, and the Occupational Risk Prevention team, as well as all the staff and all those responsible, delegates and sub-delegates of Occupational Risks, are doing an extraordinary job that allows them to be on the podium year after year.

The award extends to the rest of the organization’s plants (one more in Sant Cugat, two in Gavá and one in China) that follow the same methodology of work in the Prevention of Occupational Risks. More so with because special impact on the action of recent months, where the Pandemic has further rushed prevention measures to the point of having achieved “zero” contagion among the members of its staff.



Deus, equips J.Juan’s thumbrake on his street bike

Deus, equips J.Juan’s thumbrake on his street bike

Deus ex Machina has created a new café racer using a Zero SR/S as its base and using J.Juan’s original brake systems.

This is an avant-garde version where Deus ex Machina has applied the latest aerodynamic technologies to give more show to a Zero SR/S with a 12.6 Kw battery that drives an engine of 110 Hp/5,000 and 190 NM.

One of these avant-garde modifications used in the Deus is the unique thumb brake system that J.Juan sells for high-competition motorcycles, which allows the rider to  brake the rear wheel with the thumb of the left hand in a smooth but highly effective manner.