The big European Brands opt for the meshed hydraulic tube

The big European Brands opt for the meshed hydraulic tube

BMW, KTM, Ducati, Husqvarna, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio…what do they all have in common? Well, in all these great European motorcycle brands, J.Juan has a presence.  

The second European brake’s manufacturer is the company with the largest number of components motorcycles and scooter in the world. All these mentioned Brands equip J.Juan brake materials, either cables, hydraulic pipes (field in which we are world leader) or complete brake systems (calipers, pumps …).

The best motorcycle Brands of Europe (and of the world) rely on J.Juan for their braking systems. This is something that makes the Spanish company very proud, providing one of the most important safety elements for a motorbike, the Metal braided brake hoses.

The general idea is that the most important element in the motorcycles braking system should be the caliper, and this reflection is logical for the device biting the disc to stop the motorcycle. Well, this reasoning is not entirely correct as the most important element, although it does not seem so, is the hydraulic tube that is responsible for transmitting the force we make on the brake lever (or pedal) to the calipers.

J.Juan is a specialist and world leader in the inextensible stainless Metal braided brake hoses. This gives the rider always the same feeling on his brake lever for many kilometers rided. In the rubber hydraulic tubes (mounted mainly by Japanese brands) the feeling of the brake varies due to the expansion of the rubber as a result of the heating of the liquid due to kilometers or time elapsed. To avoid this variation of feeling, the main motorcycles Brands in the world began to trust into J.Juan ingenious proposal to make meshed steel tubes.

That is why leading Brands such as BMW or KTM just want to equip their models with J.Juan brake systems.