J.Juan equips 80% of the Side by Side competitors in the Dakar

J.Juan equips 80% of the Side by Side competitors in the Dakar

J.Juan faces his fourth Dakar with an impressive success in the participation of vehicles that equip their brakes. No less than 80% of the Side by Side competing in this edition fully trust the calipers produced by the Barcelona company.

Of the 51 vehicles that start in the Side by Side category, 47 are equipped with the brakes manufactured by the brand of the two jacks. If we extend the list to the other Side by Side, the so-called “light prototypes”, altogether it equips 78 of the 98 vehicles participating in the Dakar.

J.Juan decided to bet on this type of vehicle in 2018, when from the hand of the American Marc Burnett, equips his first Can Am, with which he obtained the prestigious Baja 1000 in California, a mythical Raids competition.

Shortly after, and with the help of South Racing, they started in the Dakar and since January 2019, J.Juan has counted as success each one of his participations in this prestigious desert competition. He won in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions. And he not only won, in the three previous editions the side by side that J.Juan equipped won the Top Ten of the final classification.

This type of vehicle is becoming the most common in this type of competition. For example, in the present Dakar it will be the second category of participation, with 98 Side by Side, just behind motorcycles (144) and ahead of cars (92), Trucks (57) and Quads (21)

With just 667 kilos of weight, these sports UTVs are propelled by 120 HP of power. Its agility and maneuverability give it a sporting spirit that is convincing the best car and motorcycle drivers.

J.Juan, which employs 640 workers, is a company created in Barcelona in 1965, specialized in hydraulic braking tube, production of brake calipers, hand master cylinders, control cables and clutches. It has recently been acquired by Brembo, the world benchmark in brake systems.

J.Juan launches E-Commerce

J.Juan launches E-Commerce

Since last June, J.Juan has had an e-commerce platform on its website.
Any motorcyclist in the world is able to purchase J.Juan products listed with their assigned price on the web, while those that lack an indicated price are the products intended solely and exclusively for motorcycle manufacturers.

In this first phase, they are only be able to buy those that are part of the products designed for the competition of speed bikes, Side by Side and ATV (Quads).
Gradually, the products of the Braktec brand, a J.Juan division that are leaders in the Trial and Enduro segment, will also be incorporated.
The purchase process is agile and easily navigated, as in other e-commerce platforms.

The logistics of the shipment is handled by FedEx, which guarantees the delivery of the purchase anywhere in the world.

J.JUAN dominates the Dakar again

J.JUAN dominates the Dakar again

The first 11 SxS USE J.JUAN BRAKES

With only a single stage of 452km left between Yanbu and Jeddar, J.Juan can confirm that we have had another spectacular Dakar. And that’s three in a row!

The Can Am Maverick X3, that uses the special brake calipers of the Barcelonese company, have won 11 of the top 12 places in the general classification of the category T4.

Only Wayne Matlock, one of the great stars of America’s Side by Side, where he has conquered several low 1,000 mile races and several trials of the Best in The Desert, finished 12th  in his Polaris RZR. Matlock has “infiltrated” the top 20 with his RZR and is the only non-Can Am and only vehicle not using J. Juan Brakes to reach that group.

Likewise, the 11 stages contested so far have been dominated by four teams that use J. Juan Brakes.. South Racing Can Am has won 7 stages (Chaleco Lopez (6) and Khalifa Al Attitah). Monster Energy has won 4 stages (Austin Jones (2), Aron Domzala and Reynaldo Varela). One stage each has been won by FN Speed (Saleh Alsaif) and SNAG Racing Team (Sergei Kariakin).

Three out of three is a great success for J.Juan and also adds this triumph to those obtained in Superbikes (6 title) or Trial (16 Worlds). In the Dakar, particularly in each of the last three years, the mark of the double J’s has propelled 19 vehicles in the top 20.

Vehicles equipped with the J. Juan Kit have also won the light vehicle category, which also included prototypes.

An important note is that of the 29 vehicles that departed in the event with J.Juan brakes, 26 have reached the final stage.

J.Juan will equip the brakes of the official Can Am, favorites to win the Dakar 2019 in the SXS category

J.Juan will equip the brakes of the official Can Am, favorites to win the Dakar 2019 in the SXS category

South Racing is the official Can Am team that will compete in the Dakar 2019. The team directed by Scott Abraham will use the powerful Can Am Maverick X3, starting as clear favorites to win the Side by Side (SxS) category Side by Side.

South Racing has chosen to face the most beautiful race in the world, equipping the vehicles with the J.JUAN racing braking kit. A choice born from tests that the same Scott Abraham has achieved, equipping over 2018 more than 50 Maverick in the race with the brakes produced in Barcelona (Spain) for this type of vehicles. With only 667 kg of weight, these sports UTVs are powered by 120 horsepower. Their agility and maneuverability, gives it a sporty spirit that is convincing and converting the great drivers and riders of rally cars and motorcycles.

There will be three official drivers of the South Racing at the Dakar in Peru, all potential candidates for the final victory: the Brazilian Reynaldo Varela, already winner of the category in 2018 with the same Team, Gerard Farrés, the Spanish rider passed by the two wheels – third at the Dakar ’17 – to the Side by Sids and able to conquer several successes in the season on this new caterogy, in addition to the American star Casey Currie, great winner in the American trials of Best In The Desert and Baja California.

J.JUAN started working at best on this competitive braking system in 2018, after the success achieved in 2017 at the BAJA 1000 in California, where his driver Marc Burnett won the World Score Championship.

Since then, the presence of this braking kit counts its participations with successes of the aforementioned pilots as well as the Stéphane Brunet (France), Brett Comiskey (Australia), Jesus Cucharrera (Spain), Chrtistine Giampaoli (Spain), Austin Jones (USA), Werner Mostert (South Africa), Monica Plaza (Spain), André Vilas Boas (Portugal).and, also, the pilots presents in the next Dakar’19

  • 340- Reynaldo Varela (Brasil)  – Gustavo Gugelmin (Brasil)
  • 343 -Cassey Currie (USA)
  • 358- Gerard Farres (Esp) – Daniel Oliveras (España)
  • 344- Sergei Kariakin (Rusia) – Anton Vlasiuk (Rusia)
  • 348- Claude Fournier (Fra) -Charly Gotlib (Belgica)
  • 360- Francisco López (Chile) – Álvaro Juan Leon  (Chile)
  • 366- Hernan Garcés (Chile) – Juan Pablo Latrach (Chile)
  • 368 -Joan Font (España) -Juan Félix Bravo (España)
  • 372- Miguel Jordao (portugallo) y Lourival Roldan (Brasil)
  • 378- Ricardo Porem (Portugal) – Jorge Monteiro (Portugal)
  • 385 -Anette Fisher (Alemania, Andreas Mayer (Alemania)
  • 397 – Bruno Varela (Brasil)
  • 398- Cristian Baumgart (Brasil) – Alberto Andreotti (Brasil)
  • – Emilio Ferrando. (España) -Guillermo Gómez de las Heras (España)-
  • 412-Marcos Baumgart (Brasil) Kleber Cincea (Brasil)
  • – Dani Sola (España) – Pedro López (España)
  • 416- Roberto Carranza (España) – Juan Carlos Fernández (España)
  • – José A. Hinojo (España) – Xavier Blanco (España)
  • 431 – José Salaverry (Perú) – Raúl Aray (Perú)
  • 414- Diego Heilbrun (Perú) – Juan Pedro Cilloniz Duclos (Perú)