This international event will bring together 74 teams from 3 continents on the Aragón Motorland World Circuit from 4 to 7 October 2018.

“It’s the real university-business transmission belt” is the definition that Cesar Rojo, General Director of KTM Spain, has applied to describe the event that MotoStudent supposes.

Yesterday, the fifth edition of this international competition was presented, where the university students of 74 teams from 17 countries struggle to carry out the best industrial project and put it to the test in the Alcañiz’s circuit of MotorLand Aragon. Although the test lasts four days (from October 4 to 7, 2018), the universities work for 18 months designing, developing and building from scratch a competition motorcycle under the FIM Moto3 standard. The competition itself represents a challenge for the students, who will have to test their creativity and their abilities to innovate, directly applying their skills as future professional and specialized technicians against other teams from all over the world, and under certain deadlines and rules previously established.

In addition, to ensure technical and mechanical safety and equality, the organization provides a common equipment kit for both categories: KTM gasoline engine, Motenergy electric motor, Dunlop tires, racing tires, Bender isolation watch, SBS brake pads and J.Juan brakes.

This year, 74 teams will participate, among which the 4 universities in India or the 5 American ones stand out. In terms of countries, Italy, with 7 universities, is the most represented country, after the host Spain, with 39 team racing this year. They are followed by Brazil (3), Hungary (2), Germany (2), Czech Republic (2), Greece (2), Portugal (2), Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Croatia, Poland, United Kingdom, Kosovo, and Switzerland.

José María Riaño, general secretary of ANESDOR, stressed that “initiatives such as MotoStudent are of utmost importance for the two-wheeled sector, since they represent a meeting point and an exchange of knowledge among students, teachers and professionals. Undoubtedly, MotoStudent is also an injection of talent for the sector in general and high competition, in particular. In parallel, these initiatives are key to the development and promotion of R + D + i in the sector”.

Riaño was who chaierd the Offical Presentation of the event, as both general secretary of Anesdor and Vice President of the MEF Foundation, belonging to the Government of Aragon and organizer of MotoStudent. Riaño was accompanied by Cesar Rojo, Daniel Urquizu, MotoStudent Director and Maria Angeles Juan, Vice President of J.Juan. Besides, the event at J.Juan was supported by Andreani MHS, Data-box, Motor Derivatives, Galfer, Integral PLM, V2 Motorsport, Yasuni and Moto Cluster.