J.Juan is a world leader and equips almost all European and American motorbikes

If you routinely ride a motorcycle made in Europe you will almost certainly use a braided brake hydraulic hoses produced by J.Juan. A very hig percentage hi gh-powered motorbike and also almost all others, opt for the precision, smoothness and consistency in the touch offered by the braided brake hydraulic hoses manufactured by the brand of the two jota.

It has been 22 years since the Barcelona factory introduced this system for the hydraulic transmission to the brake and clutch in the world of motorcycles. It was an innovation that has been extended in the market by replacing the rubber tube on European bikes that were considered prestigious.

The novelty created by J.Juan has become a standard in the market and since Europe has been imposed on the US market (Harley, Indian, Polaris, BRP, Zero …) and India, which have been so successful sales are reaping in the world and where there is currently real passion for this hydraulic transmission system.

The crux of the matter is the reliability it conveys. The brake hydraulic hoses does not expand when the brake fluid heats up, for example, on curved roads or where the use of the brake is very frequent. This means that the lever’s travel is always the same, with the same feeling and the maximum feeling of safety. As says Jonathan Rea, a three-time Superbike world champion, points out, that does not happen in the rubber hydraulic systems: “I use J.Juan brake hoses on my Kawasaki because they have the same feeling with the brakes from the first until the last lap of the race.”

Both in the factory of Barcelona and Jiaxing, the manufacturing process involves high technology, also in the conception of the product, as in the tests and final production.

J.Juan hydraulic hoses are not standard. Each motorcycle is previously routed to find the most appropriate, direct and safe way to perform the hydraulic transmission. Since there are no two models that are entirely alike, there is no hose that can be used for different models. This system, called Taylor Made, proposes that each vehicle is provided with an exclusive solution. That is why the most demanding manufacturers of their motorcycles (because their consumers are also) incorporate, from their origin, and as a safety value, in their vehicles, the steel braided hydraulic hoses, which are usually J.Juan.

The design of these tubes is exposed to tough requeriment, based on the highest standards of approval, to emphasize the quality of the system developed. This quality control is not only prior. The tubes are tested one by one before leaving the factory.

To produce the millions of meters hoses that J.Juan makes every year for the world bikes, specific machines have been built to create the proper tension to let each motorbike find its own brake feeling. In addition, the Taylor Made system causes each model to have an adequate and exact tilt of the fitting to maintain safety after tens of thousands of kilometers.