The riders of the Catalan school competing in the European Talen Cup have already tested the thumbrake of Gavá’s company in the Valencian race of the FIM CEV Repsol. 

In the last test of the European Speed ​​Championship there were several new  developments regarding J.Juan product. In the categories of smaller cylinder capacity of the FIM CEV Repsol, in which J.Juan has already been equipping the product on the winning motorcycles, a new milestone was achieved for the second European brake company.

The riders of the Monlau School tested the J.Juan thumbrake in their Honda attending the European Talent Cup with more than a satisfactory result: Daniel Holgado finished third and fourth in the two races played in Valencia, demonstrating a type of brake very specific – and very trendy at the moment – that allows the riders to recover the use of the rear brake in the right curves.

Thus, the star product of ‘J.Juan Racing’ – the thumbrake – continues to equip a growing number of motorcycles, while the new products of the Gavá’s company follow in their developing steps.