J.Juan has been working on the creation of a rear brake system suitable for the Moto2 category. Today, the kit is a reality.

After months of testing in the laboratory and, finally, on the track, the new rear brake system that J.Juan has created and produced specifically for bikes of the Moto2 category already runs on the tracks with positive results.

In the latest round of the FIM CEV Repsol, J.Juan has equipped with the new rear system -with a larger CNC caliper than the one that several bikes are currently assembling in Moto3- the bikes with which Teleru SAG competes. This team is in charge of developing and try this new relic of J.Juan in the European Championship, although Gava’s company is also working with them in the Moto2 World Championship, equipping the bikes of Isaac Viñales and Jules Danilo.

After the weekend, the SAG positively judged J.Juan’s system, highlighting good taste in touch. “It breakes a lot”, the technicians specified.