vtrx_side storage view

J.Juan, together with the German company Continental, collaborates with Vectrix equipping its new electric motorcycle, the VT-1.
The mentioned motorcycle has an ABS that J.Juan has provided: the hand master cylinder, the brake hoses, the calipers and the disc.
One of the main things that have attracted Vectrix from J.Juan is its accessibility. Other reasons why Vectrix finally decided to go on in this collaboration are the current agreement between J.Juan and Continental and the ability of J.Juan of giving right answers to the needs.
During the project, J.Juan has participated in the configuration of the whole system, being in charge of the management and development, so Vectrix just had to validate the product.

Vectrix - J.Juan
In this sense, Nik Hatzis, from the Product Development Department at Vectrix, emphasized some positive points of the collaboration between them and J.Juan Group:

 Technical Capability – J.Juan possesses a very skilled staff of engineers and support staff.  The quality of the prototypes has been much better than we expected.  The technical team has constantly provided us with very timely feedback for all questions and issues that have occurred.  I find that the J.Juan technical team is always focused on providing cost effective solutions to complex problems.  I also believe that they represent themselves in a most professional manner to their customers and our customers.
Sales and Commercial – I have had nothing but positive experiences working with the J.Juan sales and commercial team.  They were always capable of listening to our requirements and providing very quick responses to cost and schedule questions.  They are very easy to work with even when the project is very chaotic.  They have helped us in many ways outside of a normal technical development with testing in Spain and coordinated the event with my team and the Daimler team in a most professional manner.
Project Management –   The project management staff was very timely with their requests for information.  Based on the information we were able to supply, they quickly produced very detailed project plans that coordinated the activities for both J.Juan and Continental.  We also believe that the J.Juan team worked well with coordinating necessary activities to Continental”.