We talk today with Jonathan Morales, technician of the Reale Avintia Academy, who reveals the ins and outs of setting up a World Cup structure in Moto3. All this, with J.Juan on their bikes.

First year in the Moto3 World Championship, how did you get the idea to take this leap?

Moto3 is the continuity of the Reale Avintia Academy project, which seeks to accompany young talents to the World Cup. We started in the Talent Cup with the youngest ones, from there they made the jump to the Junior World Championship of Moto3. And after this step, they are able to reach the Moto3 World Championship. Reale Avintia Academy wants to continue with these project steps, so it has been decided to extend the structure also to the World Cup.

In 2018, Livio Loi is the rider defending your colours in the World Cup. A young man with experience in the category. 

Yes, Livio is a rider with experience in the World Cup, even last year he took the podium. For the moment, in these first GPs, he has focused on adapting his style to the new bike since in past seasons he competed with Honda and needs those first kilometres to learn how to better ride the KTM.

What is your goal for this first year?

Adapt to the category as a solid structure in Moto3 and help Livio to get feeling with his new bike to improve, race after race, and finish looking for good results.

Livio Loi’s KTM is equipped with a J.Juan product. Which part exactly?

The thumbrake with the double port foot pump and the rear caliper, plus all hydraulic tubes and cables.

This is the first year that Livio is riding with J.Juan parts on his motorcycle. What is his opinion about the product? 

He never used the thumbbrake before and, in these first races, it took a bit to to use the rear brake by operating the lever with his finger. However, every time he uses it more and likes it. He is happy with him.

Not all Moto3 use thumbrake. Does it give the riders a plus to ride with?

Without doubt it is a comfort. The thumbbrake does not give you a second, but it helps to ride more comfortably and allows to re-use the rear brake, which many riders have stopped using.

Would you say that the level of the J.Juan product is that of other brands?

Yes, the product works perfectly. We are very satisfied with the result. Although, like everything else, the product needs to see where it can be improved. The base is good, so continuing to evolve will be easier.