Motorcycle and moped market in Spain experienced a new spring in 2015 with a total of 147,594 units sold, which represents an increase of 18.3%. This confirms the ‘sector’s recovery’ according to the National Association of Two Wheels Association (Anesdor), of which Maria Angeles Juan is a member of the Board, that in December 2015 organized a meeting in the production plant of J.Juan in Gava (Barcelona).

Figures provided by Anesdor set motorcycles experienced an increase of 19.5% (131,595 sales). For displacements: the bikes of 125 cc. reached the 61% of the market, with 80,108 registrations in 2015. The models of medium and high displacements had a higher growth of 35%, with 17,486 units registered in total. Meanwhile, 15,999 mopeds, 9% more than in 2014 were enrolled.

Giving a look to the 2016 perspective, ANESDOR expectation is the upward trend in the market of the two wheels and with an estimated enrollments reaching the 162,000 units, which would represent a growth of 9.2%.

The ANESDOR General Secretary, José María Riaño, said ‘2015 has been a very positive year for the sector with a consolidated growth’. Riaño wanted also stated that ‘beyond business figures, this growth shows that the motorcycle is the mean of transport for millions of citizens for their daily commute; mainly by providing solutions to the problems of mobility, while reducing travel times between 50 and 70%, increases traffic flow and less pollution’.