Oneox TKKR Stop and Go in Moto 2, Boe Skull Rider, Avintia, CIP MotoSport and Aaron Canet in Moto3 equip J.Juan brake systems in the motorcycle World Championship.

Remy Gardner, rider of Onexox TKKR Stop and Go team, managed to get on the podium as second place in GP Motul of Argentina. With all the rear brake system signed J.Juan, he was about to get on the podium in Qatar, where 2 thousandths relegated him to fourth place.

Aaron Canet, sole rider of the Italian team Sterilgarda Max Racing Team (Moto 3), is a faithful user of the thumbrake manufactured by J.Juan especially for the competition. Canet won the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas and was third in the Grand Prix of Qatar, emerging as a candidate to win the World Championship.

The South African Darryn Binder, who was in second place in the GP of Argentina, is a regular user of J.Juan thumbrake which equips his KTM of the Italian team CIP Green Power. His teammate, the English rider Tom Booth-Athos, also uses the Thumbrake of the company of the two jacks. The Japanese Kazuki Masaki and Makar Yurchenko, from Kazakhstan, also use J.Juan thumbrakes in their KTM of the BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race team. Masaki, won the Red Bull Rockies in 2017, while the Kazakh comes from the FIM CEV.

Vicente Pérex, rider of Reale Avintia Arizona 77, coming from the FIM CEV where he achieved remarkable successes, also uses J.Juan thurmbrake on his KTM to get more security in his riding.