After the success achieved in the Spanish Speed ​​Championship and in the FIM CEV Repsol, J.Juan stomps in the MotoGP World Championship and already equips bikes of several teams.    

The J.Juan racing division was born with the aim of creating the best competition brakes on the market. The engineers of the Spanishcompany, based in Gavá, work to equip products with the latest technology. The Moto3 World Teams already trust in this progress. The flagship product: the thumbrake, equipped with a double-port foot pump that allows the rider to operate the rear brake either with the foot or with the thumb of his left hand.

Reale Avintia has been the one who started to equip the entire system, including pump, lever and caliper. After the success and in view of its exclusivity in the market, other equipment such as RBA have begun to equip their KTM with this type of innovative brake that helps riders to reuse the rear brake. Subsequently, John McPhee’s CIP has also joined the new trend and he’s already using the J.Juan thumbrake in his Moto3 World Cup.

Thus, the teams of the world begin to bet on the braking systems of the Spanish brand.