Wuling Motors, a Chinese company that manufactures cars and commercial vehicles, is entering the motorbike sector with its Serpol 501. A ruthless homage to the Honda CMX 500 Rebel.

According to the prestigious Greek magazin Bikeit, “in December 2022, Wuling filed for a motorbike production permit, and in late February 2023, they started showing off the motorbike that they finally introduced at the Beijing fair on May 24th and goes by the name Serpol 501.

It will very much remind you of the Honda CMX 500 Rebel, where there is also a 4-piston radial front caliper by J.Juan that is connected to ABS via a sensor ring.

With its 494cc and some 54 units of horsepower, there are already 48hp versions compatible with Euro 5. You might start seeing it around in Q4 2023.

J.Juan is the world leader in the manufacture of meshed metallic hydraulic tubes and the second European manufacturer of motorcycle brakes. It is a company founded in 1965 in Barcelona (Spain), employs 640 people directly. The company is part of the Brembo Group, world leader of brake technology, founded in 1961 in Bergamo (Italy), with more than 12.000 employees in 15 countries on 3 continents, with 29 production and business sites. Brembo owns prestigious brands such as AP, AP Racing, Breco, Bybre, J.Juan, Marchesini and SBS Friction.