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This 2015 we celebrate the 50º anniversary of J.Juan Company. An important year in the history of our company and in order to celebrate it we are organizing activities and events which will be announced shortly.
As a starting point, you will see a change in the e-mail signature:

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We could not have had a better beginning this 2015. J.Juan hihhlights on the international scene. The brand reaches a technology transfer agreement to produce brake India.

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J.Juan Group is proud to announce the agreement with the multinational Chassis Brakes International, with which a technology transfer will be performed for the production of master cylinders and hydraulic brake calipers for 2 and 3 wheel vehicles in India.

J.Juan is a well stablished Group, with the main offices in Barcelona. It has with 3 manufacturing plants based in Europe and China and with technical offices in USA and India; supplies brake systems and other components to most of the major and prestigious motorcycle manufacturers in the world since 1965. It is a technology and innovation driven company with a sustainable growth within the 2-weelers brake systems market which has led it to become the second largest manufacturer in Europe.

Chassis Brakes International (CBI), the automotive brake components corporation, with more than 6.000 employees and 15 manufacturing locations in Europe, India, Asia Pacific and South America, is one of the market leaders for foundation brake components, systems and services.

With this alliance, J.Juan and CBI will enter the 2 wheeler brake system market in India where J.Juan will transfer its product technology (hydraulic disk brakes and master cylinders) of high end in nature for the Indian market.

The scope of this agreement will initially focus on the mass production motorcycle models up to 200cc. On the high end segment and most exclusive models, J.Juan will provide the expertise on project development and technology application in order to give to the customers the best braking performance and innovative products including the integration of ABS or Combined brakes systems.