Zero Motorcycle builds electric motorcycles with a high competition capacity. The “kick” and speed of these motorcycles have led the Brand to excel in her segment up to whel, at the end of June, Zero was one of the great stars in the Refuel race disputed in the legendary Californian circuit of the ‘corkscrew’.


Zero competed with 30 vehicles that, like street bikes, were fully equipped with J.Juan brake systems, from the levers to the calipers, through the pumps and hydraulic tubes, of which J.Juan is a world leader.

For this competition, Zero only implemented as “improvement” a high performance pads supplied by J.Juan, which have allowed motorcycles to gain in durability and, thus, maintain good braking quality throughout the race.

The test has been used to demonstrate the reliability of the Zero electric motorcycles, manufactured entirely in the United States, such as its components, among which were the brakes produced at the Gavá plant.

Zero is establishing itself as one of the best references of the good making of electric motorcycles, marking future trends and anticipating the future. Today, it is becoming more prevalent in large American cities, where Zero is considered by its users as an excellent motorcycle.