From 2014 the entire range of Zero Motorcycle is equipped with J.Juan complete brake system, for both the front and rear brake, but the SR stands out as one of the current most powerful and sophisticated electric motorcycles.


With 67HP and a constant torque, it goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 3,3 seconds, with an autonomy of 227km in the “power tank” version. Its acceleration is the most surprising part, really strong, therefore, the brake system developed by J.Juan needs to ensure that will stop this silent machine with no problems and with the safety that brings the ABS from


Both the initial bit from the brake system and the maximum deceleration have been properly sorted in order to give a pleasing driving experience. Also, the lack of noise and residual torque has been important, especially in an electric vehicle. Aesthetically, it is important that such a modern motorcycles as the Zero SR uses actual and well-crafted designs, for that the J.Juan calipers with the particular concept of “open bridge” and the hand master cylinder with the composite translucent integrated reservoir composite create a good harmony.


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