Environment & Energy Policy

As a global company and leader in its market segment, JJuan fully adheres to the principles of sustainable development, pledging to minimize the depletion of non-renewable resources and to maintain the consumption of renewable resources within the limits of their reconstitution. JJuan intends to contribute to ensuring that the use of environmental and energy resources, necessaries to meet its current needs, is managed responsibly to not damage and deprive the use of them by future generations.

By pursuing the main objective of creating real value for its stakeholders, JJuan supports the search for innovative solutions and at the same time able to reduce the environmental impact, promoting social and cultural progress and supporting a governance model that makes sustainability, and specially the environmental one, a fundamental development resource.

As a responsible and knowledgeable company, in which environmental & energy culture is strongly rooted since the beginning of its history, JJuan plays an active role in the transformation in which everyone, as individuals, as companies, as administrations and governments are called to contribute, to create the environmental conditions that allow a prosperous future to the new generations: JJuan, therefore, is constantly committed to minimizing its environmental impact, with particular regard to CO2 emissions, the rational use of water and energy resources, harmful emissions and generation of waste, setting ambitious targets for improvement in Environment & Energy, both in the short-medium term and in the long-term, measuring and constantly monitoring ensuring the required resources for its achievement.

JJuan, in compliance with all voluntary and legislative requirements, is constantly engaged in the development of its activities in a balance between economic-financial logics, social, environmental and energetics responsibility, working synergistically on five spheres of action identified in people, process, product, supply chain and design.

In particular, at JJuan we are committed to:


✔ Develop the awareness of the people of the JJuan community involving them actively in the path towards sustainability of which they are an integral part.

✔ Share with all employees the principles, tools and objectives defined by the management system, so that each person can contribute to obtaining the expected results.

✔ Ensure and protect the health of communities adjacent to their facilities, preventing any form of pollution and any type of environmental incident and committing to minimize environmental Impacts over time.

✔ Ensure responsibility and transparency on environmental issues to all stakeholders.


✔ As technically and economically sustainable, define production processes with increasingly stringent and innovative environmental requirements, with priority being given to CO2 emissions, for which JJuan tends to achieve long-term neutrality, efficient use of energy, waste generation and use of water.


✔ Understanding the environmental impact of products and services throughout their entire life cycle, with the aim of proposing increasingly environmentally friendly solutions to the market, making the improvement of design and the “environmental performance” of the product an incentive to innovation and a competitive advantage for the company.

✔ Adopt the concepts of “circular economy” in the design phase of the products in order to favour solutions that make it possible to make available resources otherwise destined for waste.


✔ Consider the supply chain as a system of interconnected actors, which also grows in sustainability and reduces its impact on the environment only if everyone is involved and grow synergistically through paths of continuous improvement and mutual learning, supporting the acquisition of energy efficiency products and services that impact in our energy performance


✔ Support design activities that consider improving environmental and energy performance through the application of criteria that improve our life cycle and sustainability.