Right hand radial master cylinder with regulable lever. Remote translucent reservoir.


▪ Right hand radial master cylinder with translucent integrated reservoir and regulable lever position in a range of 20mm. Unitary adjustable piston dead stroke.

▪ Construction. Gravity die cast aluminum alloy body. Pressure die cast clamp, cap and lever. Injected PA12 translucent reservoir.

▪ Centervalve design for accurate dead stroke and ABS full compatibility. Lightweigt hard anodized aluminum piston.

▪ Clamp for Ø22,2mm handlebar, with mirror attachment.

▪ To be used with DOT 4 brake fluid.



▪ Body, clamp and cap – Glossy BLACK anodic oxidation.

▪ Lever finishing – Mechanical polished.

▪ Bolts, pin and steel parts – Black ZnNi coating.

▪ Hard anodized aluminum alloy piston.


Technical caracteristiques


Single disc Ø16×18 – Ø16×20
Double disc Ø18×18 – Ø18×20 – Ø19×20
Dead piston travel 0,8±0,1mm

Reservoir volume 45cm3
Weight tbc
Lever size 194×18-20mm Ratio 8-7,2

Mount side Body Colour Cap colour-Reservoir Lever finishing Lever height regulation Microswitch fast-on Mirror attachment
Right hand Matte black anodized Glossy black anodized forged aluminum  – Smoked PA12 Polished Click type – Range 20mm 6,3mm Clamp without mirror attachment or with M8/M10 thread