Occupational Health and Safety Policy

JJuan & Brembo have made the safeguarding of occupational health and safety a key principle of its activity and its way of doing business.

Legislative compliance and adherence to applicable requirements are a prerequisite for safe and healthy working conditions.

Actions such as a structured prevention activity, a careful identification of hazards, a thorough assessment of opportunities and risks leading to action plans that allow for continuous improvement of performance, illustrate JJuan & Brembo’s commitment to ensuring safe and healthy workplaces for workers and other stakeholders. JJuan & Brembo’s primary objective of preventing the occurrence of accidents or work-related illnesses can be achieved by sharing responsibility for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System within the entire company’s organization, to which everyone can contribute according to their own powers and responsibilities. At the same time, the Management System is the tool used by JJuan & Brembo to continuously seize opportunities for improvement and set new and more challenging objectives. The Policy set forth is consistent with the more general Corporate Vision and expresses the desire for JJuan & Brembo to be recognized as a trusted partner, appreciated by all Stakeholders.


❖ Health, individual and collective safety are an essential requirement: both individual behaviour and company decisions are therefore directed towards this purpose.

❖JJuan & Brembo pursues sustainable development through integrated planning of the development phases of each process and/or its modification, with the objective of minimizing any significant health and safety risk.

❖ The prevention of risks for workers is implemented through the appropriate management of processes and substances as well as the correct operation, maintenance and control of the facilities.

❖ The identification, circulation throughout the Group and implementation of best practices and/or opportunities for improvement are key elements of prevention.

❖ Training and information are the basic tools for transmitting and communicating to workers the principles, guidelines and methods for implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

❖ JJuan & Brembo’s commitment to reducing the residual risks of its activities is also implemented through direct communication with workers and stakeholders.

❖ In order to reduce the risks of all work activities carried out within the Industrial Plants, it is necessary to involve suppliers and contractors in the Management System.

❖ When assessing suppliers, JJuan & Brembo takes into account those who have a certified Management System.

❖JJuan & Brembo believes that the consultation and participation of workers, or of their representatives, is one of the fundamental requirements to promote the continuous improvement of aspects of health and safety.

❖ Each worker must take care of his own health and safety and that of other people in the workplace, in accordance with the training received.

❖ JJuan & Brembo encourages the development of a safety culture among all stakeholders.