Quality is the base of a good product and, concretely, for J.Juan is one of its pillars. An exhaustive system allows the engineers to manage the controls in all processes, always from the beginning tasks with our suppliers to the after-sales action to our customers.

As it was reported by a prestigious English magazine “J.Juan makes continuous tests of each process to ensure their quality. J.Juan does not forget that he sells elements that guarantee the safety of the driver. This point if view explains its extreme analysis until the meticulousness”.

Among other elements that ensure quality, J.Juan’s laboratory of metrology uses the latest 3D technologies to analyze the state of the products. In the production plants, computerized testing stations, poka-yokes or traceability records challenge J.Juan’s products, testing them in extreme conditions before being installed on motorcycles. Hence, they are 100% insured.

This end is rewarded with the most demanding quality ISOS that J.Juan owns.

J.Juan product undergoes incessant tests to corroborate its quality