For another year, and in 9 seasons since 2012, Braktec has been the brake system that has won the Trial World Cup. Again, Toni Bou and Adam Raga have played a short but intense championship that, although it has seen its competition venues reduced, has had the novelty of playing two events every weekend.

Both drivers have starred in a very intense sporting rivalry this season with alternation at the top of the podium, which led to a final date with the two swords at the top.

As he has subscribed in recent years, Toni Bou prevailed over Adam Raga and won his 12th world trial, a figure that matches the World Cups he also holds in the indoor event.

Both drivers, like the rest of the participants of the elite of the competition, equip their bikes with the Braktec brakes produced by J.Juan for the past several seasons. This year, both have taken advantage of the latest technology from the Barcelonese manufacturer and have equipped their state-of-the-art CNC caliper, called Gold.

Not only has Braktec shone in the top men’s category, but also in the women’s competition where Enma Bristow has won her sixth consecutive world cup, and where Sandra Gomez and Berta Abellán have also excelled.